Subject: Ângelo Miguel Arrifano.
Born: May 1986.
Birthplace: Covilhã - Portuga.
Personal E-mail: angelo (at)
Institutional E-mail: angelo.arrifano (at)

Location: Sophia-Antipollis - France.
Position: Software and Operating System Engineer at Dolby France
Specialization: GNU/Linux Operating System, Linux Kernel, Embedded Systems, Video Coding, Source and Channel Coding.

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For more detailed information about my professional profile, please have a look to my linkedin page.
Curriculum-Vitae is available on-demand only, please contact me directly for it.

About ..

I'm a computer enthusiast dedicated to scientific research, with the following graduations
• Bachelor in Computer Sciences and Engineering, granted by the University of Beira Interior - Portugal.
• Master of Computer Sciences and Engineering, granted by the University of beira Interior - Portugal.
• Master of Computer Vision, Image and Multimedia, granted by the Polytech'Nice Engineering School - France.
being Signal Processing, more specifically source and channel coding, my specialization.

Currently I'm working as a software engineer for Dolby France and writting a PhD thesis during my free time.

For a hobby, I'm a official developer at Gentoo Linux where my role is currently package maintenance; however I did some work with the embedded team in the past.
I'm also one of the leads in the development of openchronos-ng, a opensource firmware for the ez430-chronos.

Other than computers I like to wander within Nature, including hiking, camping and skiing. I also enjoy traveling and meeting different cultures.